Automotive Lift Inspection Service

April 18, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Safety Solutions

AutoPro Equipment and Wade’s Equipment Service of Tampa Bay Florida offers a full Automotive Lift Inspection Service.

This inspection is an essential part of every service facilities semi-annual and annual lift safety protocol.

Each 10 point safety inspection includes the following services:

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  • Check Hydraulic System for fluid leaks
  • Check adapters for damage or excessive wear
  • Check for loose or broken parts, inspect guide blocks and cylinders
  • Check lock release activation
  • Check lifting/synchronizer chains/cables and sheaves for wear
  • Check lifting/synchronizer chains/cable tension
  • Check the anchor bolt(s) torque
  • Check overhead shutoff switch
  • Check power unit hydraulic fluid
  • Make minor adjustments to assure smooth operation

These service prices do not include service call charges which may apply to some locations in our service area

Please call for multiple lift inspection discounts and equipment inventory service