Lift Safety & Maintenance Tips

April 7, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Safety & Maintenence Tips

We recommend daily inspections for all automotive lifts.  Do not operate a lift that has worn or broken parts, or is not functioning properly.  Check out the lift for leaks at the hoses,  valves and cylinders.  Visually inspect for worn cables, pulleys, chains and belts.  Worn or frayed cables should be replaced.  Pulleys should also be greased, and cables lubricated on a monthly basis.  Anchor bolts and arm restraints should also be inspected.  Locks should be tested regularly, and ALWAYS used when the lift is loaded.  Bypassing safety equipment is extremely dangerous,  remember safety is number 1.

Your lift manufacturer has product specific maintenance and safety checklists.  Wade’s Auto Pro Equipment can inspect and repair all types of lifts.  Many of our customers get monthly and annual lift safety inspections.  These regularly scheduled maintenance and safety inspections help to prevent accidents,   increase technician safety,  and lower overall repair costs.