Precision GT Brake Lathes
Inclusive drum boring bar in casting, twin cutter swings down enabling drum to rotor switch in approximately 4 seconds. 250 pound feed assembly for stability in long travel
Large fed assembly and motor  mount bay minimize vibration for truer cuts.
Tapered roller bearing on the spindle minimizes vibrations Infinite variable feed rate for  a perfect finish.
Negative or positive rake cutting allow you to select the best method for turning operations. Two motors turn spindle and feed mechanisms.
Heavy duty stand and accessory board make tools readily available.
Standard Accessory Kit Premium and customized kits, and replacement items are available.

The Precision GT is the most dependable, accurate, and exacting brake lathe system in the industry.  The Precision GT is built by master machinists for brake shop owners who need precision cuts less than 1/1,000th of an inch for a Perfect Cut Every Time.

Skilled machinists know the value of a stable platform for machining operations.  The Precision GT weighs more than 900 pounds – 300 pounds heavier than its nearest competitor.  This extra weight provides a very stable platform for turning operations.  Mass contributes immensely to the stability of the Precision GT.  Quality internal mechanisms such as industrial grade rubber bushings for motor mounts, precision machined pulleys, and spring loaded tensioners make the Precision GT the smoothest, quietest brake lathe on the market.

Every business owner understands that wasted time reduces profit. The Precision GT is fast and efficient at turning car and truck rotors, drums, and flywheels with one cut, in a fraction of the time required by other brake lathes.  Example – a four wheel brake service normally required approximately one hour to complete.  The Precision GT cuts that time to approximately 25 minutes  more profits and more time to devote to other customers.

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The Precision GT Brake Lathe System provides brake shop owners with:

  • Precise One Cut Finishing
  • Quality Performance
  • Durable Machine Life
  • An Extremely Low Vibration Factor
  • An Exceptionally Stable Platform of Operation
  • Quick Change From Disc to Rotor Mode
  • User Friendly Design
  • Increased Profits
  • Access To Technical Support
  • The Precision GT is built by Master Machinists who know the value of stability and accuracy.  This lathe weighs over 900 pounds – almost 400 pounds heavier that its competitors.  Engineered to exacting specifications, the Precision GT is a quality instrument for brake shop owners seeking to reduce time of operation and increase profits.

    Product Specification
    Rotor and Flywheel
    Cutting Diameter Up To 18″
    Thickness Up To 2″
    Face Up To 6″
    Spindle Speed (RPM) 190, 135, 85
    Feed Rate Infinite Variable
    Normal Finish Range 30 to 80 Micro Inches
    Arbor Runout Less Than .001 Inch
    Cutting Style Negative or Positive Rake
    Shipping Weight 913 Pounds